Workshops and Talks

Workshops and Talks

The Power of Gratitude

20 - 40 minutes workshop 
One way of improving inner peace and balance is to show gratitude.  
It helps us to be more present and focus our attention on what we appreciate. When life is tough, it gives us another perspective. 
Evelyn shares her story and gives practical tools that can be used every day to help achieve a happier more fulfilling life.  
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Mindful Vision Board

3 hour workshop 
This workshop covers:
Create your own mindful vision board
A wonderful way to focus on what you want
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I am unique & worthy

2 hour workshop
This workshop covers:
Where you are now
Starting a new story
Living from a heart space
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3 Hour workshop
The Japanese concept which means “a reason for being"
This workshop covers:
What you are good at
What you love
What the world needs
What you can be paid for
Where all four overlap lies your Ikigai
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Introduction to Chakras

1 Hour workshop
Introducing the 7 major chakras and how they affect our everyday lives.
The spinning wheels of energy that connect our physical body to the pulsating electromagnetic field around us, otherwise known as our Aura.
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Fuel for Life Women’s Workshop

2 hour course
This workshop covers:
Dealing with negative thoughts
Happiness & gratitude
Wheel of life 
Moving forward

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A Positive Life

2 hour course
This workshop covers:
Losing negativity
Facing your fears
Trusting your gut
It’s your story

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