Do you wonder why some days you feel safe, secure, and calm, as if all is right with the world, whereas other days, you feel jittery and anxious, as if someone is about to pull the rug out from under you? What about the days you feel so emotional that you find it difficult not to laugh out loud or burst into tears, whereas on other days you don’t care ... about anything? These are examples of your Chakras being blocked.

My journey with Reiki started because I was so intrigued by our Chakra Systems and how, when they are functioning properly, they allow us to experience life from a more grounded perspective. Chakras are spinning energy centres in the body that lie along the body’s energy pathways. They correspond to various aspects of the body’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual state.

There are seven major Chakras, and the techniques I use truly help to shift energy blocks and help you feel more stable in life.
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