Our “Monkey Mind”

April 1, 2019

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Evelyn Alessandri

Intuitive Coach

One of my favorite YouTube videos is of a monk describing our Monkey Minds.  Why does it resonate with me? Good question! Clearly I have one myself!

The Buddhists came up with this concept and when you think about it, it’s a perfect description, because our minds behave just like monkeys!  

Our thoughts swing from one thing to another.  Sometimes delving into the past and sometimes diving into the future.  It’s like thoughts are an unruly child!!! The problem is not the thoughts but the emotional ties that go with the thought. It’s as basic as when you think of something sad, you become sad or sorry for yourself, and when you think of something that made you angry you became annoyed.

If we are what we think, it’s no wonder we battle to keep life in perspective.

Our thoughts take us on a roller coaster ride and before we know it life is spiralling out of control, and it’s all in our heads!

Why do we not then focus our thoughts on the present?  Where we are right now? Appreciating the love and beauty we have around us.

Taking a moment every day to connect with our breath can help to quieten our mind and control our emotional waves.


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