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//Evelyn Alessandri

The Gratitude

A Gratitude Journal that will encourage you to practice gratitude every day. Filled with wonderful introspective exercises, mandalas and fun trackers, you will enjoy a year-long journey of self discovery.


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//Evelyn Alessandri

Positivity Cards

This beautiful wooden box of positivity includes a deck of 52 cards (standard business card size) and a cute stand.

Each card has a positive focus for the week. Decide on a day of the week to pick a card, display it on the stand and place it where you can see the card every day.


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Evelyn Alessandri

How can I help you?

I have found my life’s purpose in healing and helping others to take back control of their lives and rewrite their stories. If you find yourself stuck, stressed, or struggling, let me help you change your life.
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Odélle Hadnum – Chilli Source Design

Ikigai Workshop: Our team felt this was a great workshop! The information was delivered in an authentic and engaging manner, and the entire program was truly inspirational - it encourages you to start making small changes in your everyday life. The practical and valuable tools Evelyn included in the session can easily be implemented on an individual, group and company level; they helped me and my own team to better identify opportunities for personal growth. Overall, the workshop had a positive influence on us, helped us to better understand each other and how we impact the business. I would highly recommend Evelyn!

Sue Waterworth

A session with Evelyn is the most fabulously, calming hour you could spend on you, and you deserve it. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and re-energised to take on this mad, mad world we live in.

Marianne Visagie

A year ago I was at a crossroad in my life and went to see Evelyn Alessandri. She has helped me to find myself, embrace who I am and be a much happier person, being authentic and true to myself. She is an incredible lady. Has a true passion for what she does and is extremely good at it.

Keeva Arnold

Just as I asked the Universe for some help, a post on Facebook for The Healing Tree popped up on my feed. I took it as a sign and booked an appointment, and haven’t looked back. Evelyn was with me through a dark time in my life, a time when I had to discover all over again who I was. With her words and healing she guided me to where I am today. I couldn’t have met a kinder, funnier, more inspirational person. I will be forever grateful for the help I received from her.

Natalie Montanari

I went for my first session recently with Evelyn. I’d never been before, she was so professional and made me feel comfortable as I was seeing her with regards to fertility problems. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt that evening. For the first time that month I didn’t suffer with menstrual headaches and bad period pains. I’m looking forward to my next booking.

Jamie Chisholm

You know the feeling when your body and emotions just feel all over the place and you’re not sure why? After having a session with Evelyn and really focusing on the root problem I walked out feeling refreshed and with a renewed point of view. The calming and soothing sensation I felt during my session definitely realigned my emotions and my body. I always leave feeling strong and like I’ve made progress to becoming a better version of myself.


My wife sprung on me that she wants a 3 month break! I was a mess with no clear direction, just a whole lot of self pity. One session with Evelyn and I felt I could be myself, fight for myself and not feel needy and unworthy. I am getting myself back on track so I can hopefully get my marriage back on track.

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The Gratitude Journal

Promotional Video

A Helping Hand

How did I get here?

Evelyn Alessandri

Who am I?

Gratitude over Envy

Get rid of that envy monster

Managing expectations.

Don't stress over exams

How To Create Your Own Vision Board

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Gratitude Journal Teaser Video

Here is a sneak peak into my first Gratitude Journal.

Gratitude Journal Promotional Video

Here is the official promo video for your very own Gratitude Journal!

Creating Your 2020 Vision Board

"Creating Your 2020 Vision Board With Me!"

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!




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